The Needle Eye, Cottesloe, Perth, Australien.

H: 3,9 m. B: 1,60 m. Ø: 80 cm, 0.5mm stainless steel.

Sensor that registers the guests who are passing through the needle eye. The electricity needed for this feature is driven on solar energy.

The Needle Tip, Skåde Bakker, Aarhus, Denmark.

H: 4 m. Ø: 0 - 50 cm, 0,5mm stainless steel.

A light bulb is elegantly mounted in a twisted acrylic tip at the top of the needle tip. A signal is being sent from a mobile in Australia to a mobile in Denmark for every guest who jumps through the needle eye, making the light bulb flash one time.

The counter on this page will tell how many guests have passed through the needle eye.

The exhibition is open from March 8th March 24th 2013.

Hereafter the location of the sculptures is dependent on the interest of a potential buyer.

The sculpture will be put for sale for AUS $. 35,000, - (DKK 210.000, -)

Information about the sale at www.sculpturebythesea.com

More information about the sculpture at www.gennemnaaleoejet.dk